We develop, produce and implement equipment for automatic orders picking

Economical and error-free picking technology for warehouses allows:

To increase order picking speed
parallel picking: up to 16 orders at a time
To decrease the percentage of order picking mistakes
to check the order automatically (zero re-grading)
To decrease salary expenses
to have minimum picking staff without control department

How SNARTA can help your warehouse

SNARTA - combines the software and an automatic cart.
The software is connected with WMS and controls order picking.
When implemented, the complex helps to increase order picking speed and accuracy.

What is SNARTA?


Smart cart

Helps to pick up to 16 orders at a time

Designed for specific needs of your warehouse based on the size and the shape of the package, the turns of the rows, the width of the passages, the height of the shelves. Made to meet weight requirements for maximum order capacity per cycle.


Barcode scanner

Controls the accuracy of the order picking

Every warehouse item has its own bar code from WMS base. The Software controls barcode matching when scanned. If they differ, an error code will inform of that. Scanner mode is useful when stock consists of many similar items, guarantees error-free order picking.


Tablet device

Shows the sequence of picking and quantities

Android tablet device supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Before starting, warehouse staff authenticates on one of the carts and gets an assignment. When in process, an item address (row, passage, shelf, cell) is indicated on the tablet device as well as a correct picking confirmation or an error notice.


Special software

Connects the cart and WMS, manages order picking

The software gets assignments for order picking and distributes them among available carts, informs of the addresses of the items and controls if the picking is correct. If the items are missing in the cell, the warehouse staff indicates actual quantity. The Information is transferred to WMS to provide immediate control.

The increasing of warehouse efficiency



Decreasing of order picking time

The cart helps to pick up to 16 orders at a time. For increasing batching speed and decreasing distance for warehouse staff SNARTA chooses the best route for order picking.



Decreasing of wrong order shipping risk

SNARTA controls warehouse staff actions and does not allow them to mix up goods. If an error occurs, SNARTA informs of it by means of a barcode scanning control, especially when there are plenty of similar items.



Saving on salary expenses

Less qualified staff can operate the cart. SNARTA precisely defines which and where goods should be picked and bears control functions. It will help optimize the staff.



SNARTA continuously performs a warehouse inventory

When the warehouse system informs that there are 4 items of one good in the cell but actually there are 2, SNARTA notifies WMS. Responsible staff can fix the problem shortly.

We help trade business

Adopting or developing solutions for specific business processes.
Project supporting and development to meet company’s process changes in future.

  • Direct losses decrease by avoiding mistakes caused by shipping wrong goods to wrong address.
  • Decreasing of salary expenses by hiring less qualified and less numerous staff.
  • Buying the product developed and produced in Russia which is cheaper than its European analogues.
  • Helping to keep customers’ loyalty: free-error order picking on time.

Standard projects

Project for a perfumery warehouse (15K SKU)

We impemented 40 carts and SNARTA software, which helped:

  • to increase orders picking speed and accuracy in two times;
  • to reduce control department;
  • to forget about goods re-grading.
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Distributive center for drogery net (50K SKU)

50 carts and SNARTA software allowed to:

  • increase average orders picking speed in 2.5 times;
  • attract new customers;
  • decrease the salary expenses in almost 3 times.
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Fulfilment company work optimization project.

Implementation of 10 SNARTA sets and establishing information exchange with WMS allowed to:

  • increase orders picking accuracy and speed;
  • increase the warehouse work efficiency and business profitability.
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Starting from Euro 3000 up to 7000 for a cart and software. The price depends on company’s business process settings, for example, on the way the goods are picked. We develop solutions suitable for your company needs. We take over additional implementing expenses and provide up to 6 month testing period, and fix problems for free.


We will not leave the project without technical support.

The price starts from Euro 100 per month.

Is it expensive? Let’s focus on the example:

Current situation

Warehouse picking staff: 10 persons. Monthly wages: Euro 1 000 per person.
Monthly salary expenses: 10 x 1 000 = 10 000 per month, 120 000 per year.

SNARTA can help to halve warehouse picking staff, only 5 persons needed.

Expenses after implementing

Warehouse picking staff: less in 5 persons x Euro 1 000 = Euro 5 000 per month, save Euro 60 000 per year.

SNARTA costs and implementing expenses

5 carts x Euro 3500 = Euro 17 500.

Thus, return of investments is less than 4 months.


Technical possibilities of implementation of the SNARTA

Technical possibilities of implementation of the SNARTA

SNARTA is based on modern technologies and solutions:

  • The warehouse company should be operated by WMS or a suitable ERP module.
  • Warehouse should have a bins location warehousing.
  • Storage keeping units should have bar codes.
  • Warehouse picking territory should be covered by Wi-Fi.

How long will it take to implement SNARTA?

How long will it take to implement SNARTA?

SNARTA solution will take from 2 to 4 months to implement.

How often do SNARTA electronic components fail?

How often do SNARTA electronic components fail?

We use inexpensive and common electronic components for SNARTA. We choose them based on quality/cost balance to cut the total cost of the solution.

For example, a “Confirm action” button is produced by a Swiss elevator company, which guarantees its long life.

How are SNARTA and WMS integrated?

How are SNARTA and WMS integrated?

SNARTA provides RESTful API. On WMS side, a special program should be embedded to transfer information to SNARTA via API.

If there’s no opportunity to use API, we can use different means of information transfer.

How company could support SNARTA on its own?

How company could support SNARTA on its own?

SNARTA uses common IT-technologies, so most probably, it can be supported by specialists you already have in your team.

Does SNARTA have a warranty and post warranty support?

Does SNARTA have a warranty and post warranty support?

Yes, we provide technical warranty support up to 4 months.

We also have post warranty service which not only supports but also develops the solution.

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